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Great music, enthusiastic instructor, having fun while changing your body. —READ MORE


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Our Clients Say it Best
  • Zumba® and Kristi saved my LIFE! I was not interested in exercising and bored with most everything. Then a friend talked me into trying Zumba® (which I turned my nose up at). The music truly filled up my heart and it is the BEST exercise that I have found. The music is so GREAT and we have such a fun time! It works our whole body from head to toe and I see such dramatic changes in the participants’ bodies. It is amazing! It gets the arms, abs, legs … it gets it all!! Come join our group and change your body, your spirit and make wonderful new friends. Kristi is the best!!–Linda, a Happy Zumba® Girl

  • My name is Candy. I have been going to Kristi’s Zumba® class for about 8 months and I love it! Kristi is a great teacher with lots of enthusiasm. We are always learning new songs and Zumba® moves. Since I have been going to Zumba®, I have lost weight and my cholesterol levels and blood pressure have improved dramatically. I feel better and have more energy. I try and go to her class about 4 times a week. Kristi definitely makes Zumba® fun! –Candy